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Air Raid Hand Crank Sirens

At Viking Horns, we have a wide selection of air raid hand crank sirens designed for portable use. These manual air raid sirens produce a loud alert that’s perfect for emergency situations or quickly gathering people together and cheering your favorite team. We have hand crank sirens that can mount to any surface in seconds, including boats and trucks, with a range of colors and styles from which to choose your favorites. All of our air raid sirens are made from durable materials, are designed for rugged outdoor use and are built to last.

Whether you need our hand crank sirens as a portable alarm for emergency alerts or recreational purposes, we have the best, most durable emergency hand crank sirens to fit your specific applications. These manual air raid sirens can be heard up to a mile away and easily operated by anyone. Shop now to take advantage of our competitive prices and fast, free shipping on all orders over $40.